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What I did:

On Bellaire City Council since 2020:

  • I have asked questions – starting with 50 questions posed to staff – because I want to make decisions based on facts

  • I have sponsored more agenda items than any other council member – because I want to get things done

  • I have been the Planning and Zoning Commission liaison. I have never missed a council meeting or a P&Z meeting – because I take the role seriously

  • I wrote a series of articles about city governance – because communication with residents is necessary to get informed feedback

  • Worked with Win Frazier on a subcommittee tasked with the background work to hire a new city manager – because hiring a competent city manager is one of our primary responsibilities

What was achieved:

  • Hired a new city manger

  • No new debt

  • No property tax rate increase

  • New dog pound

  • New noise ordinance

  • Removed the parking lot at Bellaire Boulevard and the railroad tracks

  • 60 foot buffer for residential use on the Chevron property – which is the same as Locust inside the loop


Failures and unfinished business:

  • Comprehensive Plan review is ongoing

  • Methodist request is pending

  • Infrastructure plans are not in place

  • Priorities have not been set for staff tasks and projects

Nathan Wesely

for Mayor

Bellaire, Texas

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