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Nathan Wesely

for Mayor

Bellaire, Texas

Why I am running for mayor of Bellaire:


Almost 30 years ago I first got involved with Bellaire politics when a developer tried to build apartments on the property that now is home to Pin Oak Middle School. Four years ago when I ran for council, two issues were at the top of the list: 1. out of control spending and debt and 2. poor management.


Over the past four years debt has been reduced from $125 million (in the 2019 budget) to $99 million and there has been no tax rate increase. In August of last year we hired a new city manager, Sharon Citino. Sharon has had a full plate – hiring a new Public Works Director, Development Services Director, and HR Director – just for starters. We are on the right track, but the job is never done. I am running:

1. to support Sharon in building a strong team to serve Bellaire;

2. to listen to residents;

3. to improve communications with residents;

4. to give staff clear direction and priorities;

5. to put in place long term plans for infrastructure maintenance and improvements;

6. to complete the revision of the Comprehensive Plan and update zoning to reflect the Plan;

7. to ensure debt is not used to fund maintenance;

8. to spend tax dollars as if they were my own;

9. to encourage respectful dialogue so that all points of view are heard and considered; and

10. to continue building Bellaire’s sense of community.

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